Laura Daly Marketing is a small business committed to helping other small businesses tell their story. 

Each platform has a unique audience with a different purpose that when use correctly can help bring your small business an expanded reach, stronger ties to customers, and a way to tell your story to new potential customers.  As with any business function, you need a strategy and plan before jumping in.  I can help.  




A business page is a great way to stay connected to your customers, but ads and client list building take it to the next level. 


Linked In

This is a professional platform that can be highly effective in networking and hiring.  Your profile should be as professional as your resume.  Think of this platform as a first handshake. 



Twitter is fast paced and simple.  With a little organization and some management tools, you can get Twitter working for you.  



This highly visual platform is a lot of fun to use.  I can teach you how to gain followers and make the most out of your posts.  



This is a non-negotiable for any business.  Period.  Do anything you can do for your business that plays with Google platforms.



This social bookmarking site has a lot of different functions.  Because it has it's own search engine, your content can stay active for weeks.  


How many points of contact do you think a customer has with your brand before they decide to do business with you?

Your brand is your business.  It conveys who you are and what you do.  Not only is it important that your logo and branding be well thought out and designed, but it's equally as important for your social media platforms to be branded too.  I  can do that for you. 

If you are starting out and need branding assistance, I can help you navigate that process quickly, professionally, and affordably. I work closely with Ninth Street Designs to create custom packages for my clients.   

I believe in giving you tools for your business.

Together we can discuss your goals and develop a website that represents your business best.  I use professional images and can photograph you at work to help tell your story to customers.  

I want to give you a professional tool for your business and teach you how to use it so you aren't dependent on fees or other people for your business needs.  

Are you building an email list? If so, what are you doing to leverage it?  If not, you should start.

Digital and Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming and you can waste a lot of time and money to reach the same pocket of people over and over again.  When you build an email list, you begin to build relationships with people which will either convert, retain, or distinguish them as an uninterested party.  Regardless, you won't want to waste valuable advertising dollars to reach these people again. 

Once you have a list populating, we can use that list to create other lists to help you leverage social platforms and ads to reach new customers while you build your list.  Now that's smart.


Your business is on social media.  Now what?

Using social media professionally isn't the same as using it personally.  As with other areas of business, you need a strategy.  I have created editorial tools and can help you with a plan.  

I can help you decide which social media platforms are manageable for you and will give you the best return for your business.

I will coach you and your team on creating a creative, engaging, and fun social media marketing strategy that drives traffic and increases your return.  Social Media is a great place to connect with fans and really let your brand shine.  


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