Laura Daly Marketing gave wings to my dream!

Before launching Soul Fitness Colorado as a business, I shared my vision and passion for faith-based women's fitness with Laura in an off-the cuff conversation. At that point, all I had was a seed of inspiration and a very fuzzy idea of how to bring my dream into reality. Laura encouraged me from the first day we talked, and began to work with me to develop a clear vision of what Soul Fitness Colorado could be. She helped me put one foot in front of the other when I wanted to run in a thousand different directions. I would give Laura dry and boring text and website copy, and she'd apply her amazing creative talents to generate a beautiful and creative product. It was like Christmas every time I opened the latest version of my website or logo design- she just nailed it every time!

In addition to her technical guidance, and ability to create a perfectly aligned product, you must know that Laura is a marketing genius! I was a complete social media newbie and had no idea how to get the word out about my company. Laura gave me step-by-step information and empowered me to jump in head first without fear of messing things up. Without her help, I could never have gotten my company off the ground. 

Amber Jaworsky- Soul Fitness Colorado

Laura is an angel!  The enthusiasm and passion she brings to her work is inspiring.  She has infused my decade old business with a breathe of fresh air. Her guidance is invaluable in helping my business continue to not just grow but flourish (with less work for me!).  She is clearly knowledgeable in creative and technical aspects of digital marketing.  She is tireless, fast, and yet takes time to address any questions and makes sure you are comfortable and understand everything.   She is helping me with all my marketing needs (social media, re-branding, email marketing, marketing materials, etc).  Laura has been so great to work with, she knows what she is doing and I am grateful to have found her and have her on my team.  Keep up the great work Laura! THANK YOU!!!

Jenny Upah- JennyWear Jewelry

Laura Daly is smart, articulate, has a down-to-earth sensibility, and knows - and loves - marketing.  Laura will share her knowledge enthusiastically, and has helped us organize our social media, so it makes sense. We look forward to expanding our reach with her expertise and guidance.

Carol Braverman- Mountaintop Acupuncture

Laura brought clarity and purpose to our marketing, specifically with our social media. We were all over the board and desperately needed some honest feedback and a blueprint for success. Within 3 months she helped us surpass all of our marketing goals while giving us a return on our investment.

Mike Duvarney- Huddle Up Group

Laura is so amazing. She has helped my business with events, social media, and networking. She is very thorough and always accomplishes everything in a timely manner. Laura is always positive, outgoing, and has great ideas. Every event she has helped us with has gone even better than planed. She is very knowledgeable and helpful at social media. I'm so grateful for Laura and how she has helped my small business grow. I would always recommend her!

Shawnte Knutson- Owner Beauty Lounge Denver

Laura is smart, knowledgeable, energetic, passionate, and approachable. She really took the core of our values to heart and “got” what we are trying to do within the first 5 minutes of our meeting, and by the end of the time with her, we had a solid set of goals to help us succeed. I can’t thank her enough! Thanks for blowing our socks off Laura! You are the best!

Cindy Shoemaker- Community Events Coordinator for Highlands Ranch Community Association

Laura is a force of nature; her passion for social media as a marketing approach translates into creative and useful social media ad campaigns. Laura's talent is being able to integrate use of social media across disparate social media platforms to come up with a cohesive plan that incorporates the strength of each platform in ways to showcase your business and get your name out there.

Mary McManigle -Owener of Yoga Trigo 

Laura has been wonderful to work with. She's fast, keeps you updated and has great ideas!

Stacey Melito- Owner of Natal to Nest

Laura has a positive and outgoing personality that makes her a one of a kind and a great business partner. Our most recent event with her was a huge success. We were able to meet and even surpass our goal for the fundraiser! She even provided us with a wealth of insight on social media strategies to benefit our company!

Bob Fein- President & Founder of Wow Events Denver

I immediately fell in love with working with Laura. Her education, background and work experience combined with her endless enthusiasm and encouragement makes my work and life so much easier! She has done a wonderful job in supporting and moving my social media sites and overall marketing forward. I am so grateful for her insight and continual hard work.

Dianne Maroney- The Imagine Project: Stories of Courage, Hope & Love

As a business consultant, my focus has been on my clients’ businesses – I needed someone to help me focus on my business. Laura Daly is the perfect marketing coach – she brings knowledge, energy, and ideas to every meeting that we have. She helps me stake out my presence on the internet and boosts my credibility as a consultant.

Christine Olyer- Get Smarts Training & Video Production

I love working with Laura. We talked over all the options for social media marketing and she showed us the best way for us to get our name out there. Our Pinterest site was up, running, and beautiful in no time. Now, updating it and making it a useful marketing tool is a cinch. Laura has been there every step of the way. I can't say enough. Thanks Laura!

Jim Macur- Director, MyGym Highlands Ranch

I have known Laura for several years and every time we meet she offers a lot of easy-to-implement ideas and tips for my business. Recently, I decided that I needed a more focused plan of attack for marketing through social media, but I didn't have time to do it myself.  Laura dove in full force & with enthusiasm - she constantly updates me on her efforts, analyzes growth & statistics, & explains everything clearly. This has made the process of trying to stay relevant much less scary! I am truly grateful for Laura's expertise & creativity.

Fuyiu Yip- Owner Classical True Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

Laura and I began working together this Fall and already I am feeling the weight of marketing has been lifted off of my shoulders. She's great at brainstorming and honing in on key services to market. Looking forward to our first event next week!

Gigi Terinoni- Dova Center for Health & Healing