As a marketing consultant I hope to combine my love of family, friends,  & relationships.  I created a business around my passion for all things social and all things marketing to help small businesses achieve their goals. Erin Zahradka Erin Zahradka

SPECIALTIES: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Web Design, Branding, Coaching

KRYPTONITE: Not a morning person, Spelling, and Laundry. Don’t worry! I sub contract for all of the other things I am not good at.

Who is Laura Daly?

I love marketing and social media because of all the things it can do for your business.  I spent most of my career as an event marketer for larger corporations and realized I love helping smaller businesses develop and perfect their brand.   I am passionate about helping you use social media as a professional part of your businesses brand experience.

A lot of marketers only measure in terms of the bottom line and instant results.  Although I look for ways to impact the bottom line, I also place high value in building relationships and know how to help you do that.  I believe there is value in exemplary customer service and it is important to me to cultivate that in each relationship. Regardless if on the client side or the business side, customer service is a top value to me.  I also strive to create positive memories and experiences for people.  It usually doesn’t take a much to make a good impression, and if you can achieve that your bottom line will be impacted naturally. 

I am a highly effective communicator who loves to solve problems and teach people how use social media to reach their customers.   I am naturally social and enthusiastic, so if you get me going on things I love to do I am unstoppable and it’s highly contagious.  I have the ability to motivate and inspire others, which accomplishes great things. 

Most importantly, I am a superior networker who knows how to connect the dots for you.  I have a lot of contacts and love making more.  My ideas are fun, exciting and lead to amazing opportunities for your business.    I love meeting people and connecting them to people who can help build their business. 


Jamie is a graphic design artist and it's safe to say that I couldn't do it without her!  She's fast, professional, and we always hit our mark.  She is creative, professional, and FAST!  I couldn't do it without her.  

We met a few years ago and this partnership has been more than I could have ever asked for.

She is available for all design work and you don't have to go through me to get to her.  Her website is Ninth Street Design and you can tell her I sent you! 

My Little Black Book

Whitney Gustafson

When thinking about my brand and what I wanted it to be, the image of an elephant kept popping up. I have always loved them, but I wasn’t sure how it pertained to me as a marketer. SO, I started playing with it and researching the meanings and symbolism of elephants. I found a ton of information, and I loved it all. Specifically, I am sharing the attributes that stand out to me most as it pertains to the qualities that matter to you as my client.

Elephants are known for their intelligence, close family ties, and social complexity. They travel in herds but have strong individual personalities that affect how well they are able to influence others. They show extraordinary teamwork ability and are highly cooperative in decision making.  The matriarch of a herd has a vast memory and stores complex social knowledge in order to lead and protect her herd.  

The matriarch of a herd must prove she is worthy of being a leader by 

  • display of courage

  • steadfast wisdom

  • awesome memory of places and individuals

  • intricate uses of tactics in socially difficult situations through excellent social skills that build, maintain and reinforce close bonds

Although I am only human, this is everything I am and strive to be in life and as a marketer.