It is Written in the Stars

We were written in the stars, my love. All that separated us was time, the time it took to read the map which was placed within our hearts to find our way back to one another
— Unknown

I am a person who believes in magic.  I love meeting new people and learning new things.  True to this I also will try anything (arguably) at least once.  When I stumble across something of consequence, I will share it with anyone who will listen.  So, I hope you're listening now.

This time of year is always a bit of a struggle for me.  Sean leaves the country for a month and I hold down the fort.  This year is the most difficult to date.  Lately I find myself questioning everything, literally everything.  This goes on from time to time, but I have noticed that it's more pronounced since the loss of Bella.  What am I doing? 

Through a series of unimportant yet consequential events I found myself headed to Tibet Imports on a Sunday afternoon for a reading of my chart.  I can't really explain how or why it came together now even though I had wanted to do it in the past.  I am grateful for the timing of it though. 

I met Bryan at an event for CorePower Yoga Aurora.  It was a Mala making workshop with Sarita from Tibet Imports on 6th Ave.  In teacher training the yogis spoke of her with such praise that when this event popped up I jumped at the chance.  I had no idea what to expect or what to think, but I was really excited. 

That night they handed us a paper with our stats on it.  It looked simple, but I couldn't make any sense of it.  We were also handed beads for our very own Mala, and that night we would sit together and learn about Malas, raise money for Sarita's family in Nepal, and have a chance to have someone read the basics of our chart. I had a mere 5-10 minutes for my reading and I was hooked!  I needed more time, more information, more magic!  So, I booked a full appointment. 

I wasn't sure what (if anything) to expect.  I had already had a mini reading and half thought that may have covered it.  I was wrong.  I could have sat there forever listening and learning while my mind exploded.  How does this work? 

He started with my chart and surprisingly remembered a big chunk of our initial time together, so he briefly reminded me of the basics and went a little deeper explaining loosely how things fit together and how people work to overcome the challenges they are born into. 

At the time of your birth the planets and stars are in a certain position and based on where you are born, the light (color) they cast on you varies.  Each planet holds different properties that impact your being and based on where they sit, you will posses certain qualities.  I'm sure you could guess that I wouldn't take the time to tell you about this if my experience weren't 100% spot on.  

I sat and listened to this stranger tell me about who I am at the surface and deepest levels.  I had to laugh out loud from time to time to break my amazement.  He knew about my love of fun, my love of family, my love of friends, my love of animals.  He knew that I have a fiery temper due to being a Scorpio rising.  But my Virgoness balances that part out.  He told me I love adventure and life.  He kept going and going and did not get one thing wrong and he went deep.  

To be clear, he does not know me or my family.  Has never even seen their faces. But, he took the time to quickly pull up their charts too.  He got so much information correct about all of them.  It was mind blowing.  Without getting too specific, he completely nailed the relationship between me and my husband, explaining things that I knew but helping me see them in a different light while debunking my assumptions.

He pulled my husbands chart and lined it up with mine to show me how our paths cross and what we both bring to the table.  He also went a step further to demonstrate how my husband and his identical twin brother would have some similarities, but there is a planet that moves every second, so the 4 minutes that separated them at birth caused a complete 180 in their charts so they are exactly opposite.  He even was able to accurately explain to me what makes them different and what is the same.

Vedic Astrology

He looked at my kids and to my relief explained that they are definitely a handful.  I knew this, but I thought it may be because of my terrible parenting.  He assured me that they are full of fire because they are both born with Mars in a certain position (and called them Martians, which I LOVE).  It's not common to have two kiddos with this and it's a gift for my life, even though it comes with it's challenges.  He gave me some more words of wisdom regarding them and their futures, but the big picture is that I no longer feel guilty, I am not ruining them.  I am surviving them!  

Obviously the information I am giving you here is minimal and most likely inaccurate as it's based on my memory of an experience.  SO, I encourage you to try this (he can do it over the phone too).  It's so difficult to explain, but so fun to experience.  You can tell he loves this stuff and would sit with you all day talking to you if he could.  It's amazing to meet passionate people who love to help others. 

There will always be skeptics and to those I say, try this, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Don't take the reading or yourself so seriously and have a little fun.  Let me know what you think and tell him I sent you.  I don't get anything for the referral, I just want him to know how highly I think of him and his gift.   Reach him by email at!