Everyday is a New Opportunity: Rodan & Fields Giveaway!

If Opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.
— Milton Berle

It's a strange thing to build a business and then decide you want to build another.  In fact, I didn't realize that was what I agreed to when I pulled the trigger on becoming a Rodan + Fields Independent Consultant.  I don't really remember what I was thinking except that there's a little voice inside my head repeating "What do you have to lose?".  The answer is nothing. 

I am a consumer of Rodan + Fields.  It was a skeptical and emotional road that led me to even try the products.  I didn't trust it.  I didn't want to waste time and money.  How could it really work?  But nothing I was using was working either and those products didn't have 60 day money back promises backed by their companies.  And somehow the girl at the department store counter (who subsequently makes a commission off my designer skin care purchases) is a trustworthy expert on my skin care needs even though she has failed me so many times before?  

After months of deliberation I got over it and tried Redefine.  I took before photos like they suggested, and went on with it.  It wasn't too long before I started to see changes, but over time I took those changes for granted and decided to get lazy skipping a step here or there, adding a faster to use wash from time to time and my results started to unravel and that's when I really understood how hard this product was working for me.  

Fast forward through a series on inconsequential events, I am now on a mission to start my own business helping people discover their best skin.  To be fair, I am not totally altruistic in my motivation.  I obviously want this to be income generating and profitable for my family.  I also want to be home to raise my family, support my husband who works and is also trying to get his PhD.  I have to wear a lot of hats and the pressure mounts:  Be a good wife, mother, friend, daughter. Be home to make food, set playdates, keep the home in order, laundry, grocery shopping, pay the bills on time. Be healthy, active, positive, fun, brave, silly, and beautiful.  "Don't stress" they say.  "Be present" they say.  "Enjoy the moment" they say. Oh and in my free time, try to make some money.  I mean, seriously? 

But I do it.  And I do it well (mostly).  I am hard on myself and don't give credit where it's due.  I focus on what I miss instead of celebrating the millions of things that I do so seamlessly that other people don't even realize I did it. I am impressive.  But, does it have to be so hard?  Maybe not.  Maybe that's the wisdom you gain from living through and surviving something.  If I have a blog in 20 years I will do a follow up post on that.  

So, here I am in the throws of a new venture in hopes that I can help people in a few ways.

 The first is on the consumer side.  If you have skin problems or concerns, talk to me.  I have answers and if I don't know something I won't stop until I figure it out.  I know how disappointing this process can be and promise to remember that when we figure out a course of action.  Always remember you have a 60 day trial with any product and you will get your money back if you are unhappy in any way.  

If you are looking to start your own Rodan + Fields business, talk to me.  I have spent the better part of the last five years perfecting marketing and digital marketing strategies.  What feels overwhelming and impossible is actually an opportunity to grow.  When you think about this, it's likely that you have doubt about your abilities.  This is one of those spaces where you are focusing on what isn't instead of what is. I will work with you to find your strengths and teach you how to use to connect authentically.   In the beginning I can give you tips and strategies that are fool proof and tested by me.  You have my support and I am available to you.  You will not be alone, you will be part of a team.  The only requirement is that you believe in the products (piece of cake) and yourself (some yoga and TLC required).  


So now that you've suffered through all of that, here's the scoop! I am giving away a Skin Care Regimen of choice (Redefine, Soothe, Unblemish, or Reverse basic kit) and an Essentials Care item (Lip Care, Sunless Foaming Tanner, Sunscreen, or Moisturizer) to one lucky winner and I want you to win!  This package is a 60 day supply and has a retail value of over $200.00!  If you haven't been an active Brand Partner or Preferred Customer for the past 6 months and have been on the fence about trying these products, you will want to pay close attention!  Here's what you need to do to be entered to win: 



  • Fill out the form below.  Make sure you tell me which regimen you would like to win.  If you don't know, you can use the Solution tool to find out.  


  • You can get bonus entires for each friend who registers to win!  So spread the word and increase your chances of winning!  I will give you 5 entries for every Facebook share (tag my page so I know), 5 entries for every Twitter post (Tag @LauraDaly), and 5 entries for every Google + post and if a friend writes your name as a referring friend, you will get 10 entries!  


The contest begins 9.1.15 and ends on 9.30.15.  The drawing will be held on 10.1.15 and the winner announced on or before 10.5.15.  

Check out the rules and regulations in the fine print below and GOOD LUCK!  

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No purchase necessary.  This contest is open to legal residents of The United States and Canada who are at least 18 years old.  To be eligible to win this contest you may not be a current Preferred Customer or Brand Partner of Rodan + Fields and agree that you have not been one in the past 6 months. Participation in this contest shows agreement and acceptance of these terms and conditions.  Contest period begins 9.1.15 at Midnight and ends at 9.30.15 at Midnight.  All entries made in this time frame count.  All entries become property of the sponsor and will be added to my business list for future communication from me about products deals or specials.  I will not share your contact information with outside parties and hate spam, so rest assured I would never disrespect you like that.  Here's my full privacy policy.