Pro Tips on Customer Service and Social Media <3

Pro Tips on Customer Service and Social Media &lt;3

Likes and follows on Social Media mean very little if your customer service skills are lacking.  If you’re so focused on your appearance that you forget that your customers are your reason for existence, you will become extinct.  I don’t care how popular you are on social media, I care that you change the world in your way by helping people with your product or service.  When that’s your priority, you don’t need to worry about your bottom line, because you know there’s always more to give and share. 

Dark into Light

Dark into Light

There’s a spiritual component to my being that trickles into everything I do. I used to hide it, bury it, apologize for it. Today, I introduce it as one of my greatest strengths and an asset to my clients. It’s not for everyone, and that’s why I buried it. I didn’t want to offend anyone or lose business. I compromised my integrity to accommodate the masses. Piece of advice? Don’t do that. I am learning that everything is on time, and the right people come at the right time. You don’t have to force it, but you do have to be clear and intentional about what you’re doing and your why.

So that’s what I have done. My mission is to help people. I love working with small businesses and helping them untangle the noise around what they are trying to build. I want to give them tools that are easy to use and support to reach their audiences with clear, decisive messaging. I want to clear the overwhelm and turn it into confidence. I want to empower you to do your thing and change the world in your way.